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Dear human being

Let’s design your special gift together:


Do you want to treat yourself with a special gift ? 

Alternatively, create a special gift for a special

person in your life, a family member ,

a friend or colleague ?


It is a very easy yet inspiring process:



  • select from my website or from my caffepress shop, the design you like and send us the page link of your selection.
  • decide what text will be added – view a list of expressions or you can create one yourself
  • done!- let us do the rest – send us an email , fill up the form down below and we will get back to you, to confirm your special gift design and price.



No matter where you are , what you do, or what is your culture and religion, we all share our journey in the  human being family on our beautiful mother earth.

I invite you to choose my work of art, to decorate your environment and create an inner atmosphere that touches your heart and soul with creativity and love.

You can hang a picture on the walls in your home and business or add my design to your book, and give it as a present to your loved ones.

I'm looking forward to inspire you with personalized special gift.

 Select Text Expressions:


Your Success Is Within Reach

Smile, laugh and believe in you... 

Manage your mind

You can. And you will.

It will all work out

Take a deep breath & relax

Life is good

Shine your light

Today you get rid of the fear. 
drive life, enjoy the journey

break free from fear

be yourself
you are  ready, to do what u want 
It’s time to do it your way. 
You are a powerful person. 
Do you exactly what you want. 
Start your day with a smile 
You have it.

you'll achieve what you want. 
You'll make more money, 
work with your subconscious power 
and direct it the right way. 
today B the change

accept yourself, U R wonderful

B joyful

You are powerful from within. 

You shine light on others
Believe it , achieve it

Fake it until you make it. 
Stop negative thoughts and beliefs
yes you can

Your heart is your home , hug it

play life seriously
Now get rid of the negative thinking. 
Get rid of the negative beliefs. 
Get rid of the negative attitude. 

B Greateful

get what you want
You deserve a better life. 
Money is energy  
achieve your goals today 

Treat yourself with care

You can. 
You will. 
You have tremendous power. 
You can and will achieve all your goals. 
Apply this power to change your life.  
Think big! 
Be open minded
Now Start manifesting all the wealth and 
abundance you want... 
you don't have to suffer. 
Wishing you tremendous wealth and success... 
get rid of the negative thinking... today

turn things around today- for the better

balance yourself harmoniously

you are so special

trust yourself

good vibrations

you are unique

I’m thinking of you

You are in my mind

I miss you

We are one

We are harmony

We are love

You are the one and only


Smile to life

Bless yourself first!


Zoom in..Zoom out

giving is gaining

See the whole picture

View the beauty in the little details

Think about what you want. Have no doubt,

Get rid of the doubt and fear

So today take charge and make things happen

You will get over it

Health, happiness and Wealth

empower yoruself, empower others

Manifest your creativity

Your home is within you

You are a leader

Are you BodyMind or BodyMind Spirit?

Quickly and easily achieve your goals and get exactly what you want. 

You are unstoppable

Wishing you tremendous success...

life is getting better and better.

Have your subconscious work for you 

You don't have to struggle through life

I see your soul

You are such a beautiful soul

Get connected

Harmonize your BodyMind

You are infinite

High Q

You make me so happy

Thank you for who you are

Happy holidays

Happy Birthday

Happy New Year

Lets make it together

Happiness is a choice

Don’t change others, change yourself

stop worrying


hug yourself

I’m hugging you

You make me so happy

You are the love of my life

I keep thinking of you

You are in my mind all the time

View the beauty of life

You touch my heart

Thank you

today you take control of your life

I appreciate your efforts

I appreciate you

I respect you

You inspire me

You give me good energies

Your creativity touches me

Let’s Be the change

Focus on the good things

Love U

Dreaming of U

U Have the Inner Power to succeed

I'm ready to take charge and achieve my goals 

your imagination is the simulator of your mind

you can acheive your goals

avoid negative thoughts

positive attitude is a decision

you are positive energy

You MUST persevere

Great wealth awaits you

Live in the present, enjoy each moment 

life is getting better!

Today you turn things around and make the changes you want

Enjoy the moment

Its your choice to  be successful

choose to achieve your goals

Wishing you tremendous success...

Today you get your power working for you  

If you're positive you'll attract positive 

people and positive situations. 

When you have the right energy everything 
works out for you.

This is your life, make the most of it.

You can have more and be more.

Wishing you tremendous success... 

No more stress, no more fear, no more doubts.

Today is your chance to make your life better.

Today you start achieving your goals

Today you turn things around and make the changes you want

your expression________________

select text expression

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