"Surprise in The Bag" : create your personalized multi item- gift for any occasion

only $99 for a bag, a shirt, a cup and a notebook - 

1. choose a design

2. choose an expression

3. we will do the rest. Contact Us

show your loved one you care: personalized message and surprise in the bag!

1.Choose which work of art you love best.

2. Choose the expression as part of each item.

3. If you are an employer, let us know the quanities and personalized gifts combination you wish to create.

We will get back to you ASAP.

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EIA - Expressive Inspiring Apparel and other products:

peronalize your gifts for  any occasion.  Give love and attention.

They will appreciate it....

take a rest calm down.png
take a rest calm down.png

girls shirt.png
girls shirt.png

we are united.png
we are united.png

take a rest calm down.png
take a rest calm down.png

focus cup.png
childrenshirt tweettweet.png
bagift cup.png
bagift notebook.png
bagift bag.png